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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.
Arthur C. Clarke

Teckell is uniquely Italian. A design firm with a captivating story that unfolds in five chapters: Design Technology, Exquisite Materials, Product Collections, Artisanal Experience and Core Values. Discover how Teckell perfectly combines high technology, avant-garde design and renowned Italian craftsmanship. A fascinating page-turner – better yet, page-swiper – that takes you inside the world of modern design and age-old traditions. +39 0331 774445 • Via Marmolada 20 21013 Gallarate VA Italy


The research of the highest quality, from the choice of materials to the processing, the contemporary and unexpected design, semi artisan production techniques, coupled with extensive industry experience and respect for the environment, have led Progetti to achieve international notoriety allowing to appear in many areas of the world. 
Progetti creations, made of wood, metal, plastics and other materials, without the constraints of manufacturing or technology, leaving great freedom of action, are designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes, attentive to exclusivity and to detail, but also the expectations of a wider audience and young, sensitive to new things, natural and ecological materials, simple and emotional design.  Via Brenta,4 - 20841 Carate Brianza (MB) Italy

 Design, Fitness, Furniture. The origions of an exercise in style. Ciclotte is the evolution of Ciclò the monowheel conceived for urban mobility, which is part since 2007 of the permanent collection of the Italian Design Museum. Ciclotte is the expression of contemporary living where work and relaxation exercise and entertainment share fluid spaces and dimension in a constant dialogue. Fitness is no longer confined to the mere functional aspect and its boundaries with design are definitely broken: idea shape and technology are mixed in order to offer style and elegance in any environment, from home to office, from the gym to the outdoors.



At CAPDELL we target habitat professionals, inspiring them with products created in the same way that they carry out their projects.


The best ideas always come after a long process of work and reflection: investigation and thought first, then creation. That is why we encourage everyone to follow our tried and tested method: sit, think, imagine. 


At CAPDELL we see chairs as a global designer product. Not only do they have to be stylish, they must also satisfactorily fulfil their function as a piece of furniture, pass ergonomics and resilience testing and, furthermore, look attractive and in keeping with the times.


For us, trust and close collaboration with the designer are essential in order to provide a quality product. Our motto is to always look for the perfect fit between concept and production processes.
The contract market is a tough and demanding testing ground. If a piece of furniture withstands these conditions, it can withstand anything. Fortunately, Capdell products are made to last and will not shy away from this setting. The real tests have already been carried out.